Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the different look?
I like to keep up with the absolute latest trends when I have the time, so I tend to update the look every decade or so.

Why must I log-in to see the wish lists or family tree?
These page contain personal information which not everyone wants public, so you must know us to view those pages.

Why can't I update my wishlist?
To update your wishlist you first need to be logged in to with an ID other than Guest. If you don't already have your own account (or forgot it), just contact me and I'll hook you up.

Why the name
Well, in fact, spartlow stands for Steve Partlow, and since he runs and pays for this site, he got to name it.

Why can't I click on your email address any more?
In an effort to reduce the number of spam emails I get every day, I've changed all references to my email address to be images instead of text or links. That way a computer program searching my site for addresses to spam won't be able to read it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Where is Plethora Records?
I don't think anyone ever went to the section, so it was not moved to's new home. If you disagree let me know, or perhaps after Jimmy C's next album it will reappear.

Did you notice the word "dot" instead of a period in
Yes, I did. That is just a little throw back to the original design.

How can I get my own web page like this?
Feel free to email me if you want more info, but first take a look at my HTML page.

You misspelled something—do you proof your work at all?
I usually do a once over, but if you find anything awry let me know and I'll try to fix it right away.

What is with the green links at various places around the site?
Those are links to places outside of In attempt to be overly cautious since I claim that my site is appropriate for small children, the green links indicate that I don't have control over the content of the linked site.

Wow, you actually found more boring colors than that old blue. Can you change it?
You'll have to wait another decade for that.

What's with all the pictures of Steve all over the site?
Hey, what can I say, I'm a good looking fellow.

You mean all this great stuff on is free?
It may be hard to believe, but Steve has freely donated the money and hundreds of hours it takes to create and maintain this site. "What does he ask in return?", you may ask.

What does he ask in return?
(Thank you.) Only your love and respect (both of which can be expressed by cash donations).

So I take it Steve doesn't have much of a life.
Only questions on this page, please.